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Kashmir Shivaism, recognize yourself in your transformative purpose

por Enmanuel Torras Mata

Kashmir Shivaism, the origin of our effort

“Our effort is focused on offering quality content based on the sacred scriptures of traditional Hatha Yoga. Also on the oral Tantra of the Shakta tradition of Kashmir Shivaism, the most relevant aspects of the Hindu spirituality and Advaita Vedānta.

In our Western society, ignorant and compliant, both Yoga and Tantra are continually vilified and missunderstood by multiple pseudo-masters, who contoct, for their own benefit, versions of this ancient traditions.

The time to offer close content has arrived, based on the sacred Hinduism scriptures, so that the truth of Traditional Yoga and Shivaita Tantra tradition begin to grow up in our society.

We prostate in front of Sri Nityananda and Sri Muktananda, links in our tantric tradition, who impel us to perform this work. But above all, thank the inspiration of our guru, Swami Satyananda Saraswati, who is a source of guidancelove and divine inspiration.”

Tantra, recognize yourself in Shiva

Collaborate with our purpose

“In our quest for self-realization, we intend to sustain ourselves through the sale of a selection of Indian products. You can enjoy the best incenses and essences in our online store and at the same time collaborate in supporting this blog.

Also with the support of Sanātana Dharma, since 10% of the benefits of this online business go to the Advaitavidya spiritual association and to support the teaching of our beloved guru

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